Family Inheritance

My grandmother Juana, holder and guardian of ancestral wisdom, harnessed her knowledge to give breath of life through seeds, plants and fruits.

Grandmother Juana utilized the cocoa bean as a therapeutic drink, this stimulated the state of the people whom she cured.

At her time, she mixed cocoa drink with dry aromatic flowers, essences and other sweets, She said that these benefits allowed the spirits of life into the body.


Through innovative flavors Villakuyaya bars, her mentor seeks to "rescue the ancestral memory of cocoa from the worldview that weighs it’s as food for the gods, stimulate emotions that connect us with the pleasure of being alive, to be here, of spiritual perfection and union with the absolute (yoga philosophy) "

The passion for creating has always been the engine for many entrepreneurial projects. With that momentum Tania Molina, an architect by profession and businesswoman 10 years ago, decides mold and bring to life the sweetest idea and relate it to their spiritual practice, Villakuya Organic Dark Chocolate.




The Beginning

The project started in 2014, with a strategic plan, personal fortitude, an innovative spirit and fresh ideas were polishing step to achieve a product with many attributes and a high value added.

VillaKuyaya is based on environmental and sustainability principles to ensure that our products benefit the sustainable development of cacao farms in Ecuador and the preservation of Cacao Arriba, one of our national treasures.

We work with small producers to obtain an organic, pure and healthy cocoa bean,   this process continues in our plant for getting a chocolate bar that not only looks the environment, also is a healthy food, that is why we tried to certificate the effort of all the people whom work to obtain a quality product.

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