Family Inheritance

My grandmother Juana, holder and guardian of ancestral wisdom, harnessed her knowledge to give breath of life through seeds, plants and fruits.

She felt that nature gives us the power to feed the soul, and also health with all that we can harvest.  That is from where she began mixing spices, fruits and dry aromatic flowers.

I never realized that all of the shared experiences I had with my grandmother and the cocoa at the time would come back into my life later on.  The memories of eating the cacoa seed pulp, toasting in the crock, and the cacoa powder with the hot milk.  All reminding me of  the kindness in her heart, her love for her grandkids and her respect for nature.

Today I can say that much of the good in my soul was shown to me in part from her quality of human being . . . thanks Granny!!!


Spiritual Momentum of the founder

Villa Kuyaya-6.jpg

My journey to discovering this philosophy started in my late twenties, as a combination of exposure to various cultures through travel, and enrolling in yoga which awakened my chakras and helped me find the balance that I was looking for.

My inner warrior healed me with the help of ancestral rescue, and my perspective about life changed . . .

Childhood memories with my grandmother, combined with this new perspective helped to create the different flavors of my chocolates combined with the spices and herbs that help give a new sensation with each and every bite!


Family Business

My legacy is the love of my kindly parents who taught me work hard, and show honesty and loyalty with all persons.  This is the success of Villakuyaya that my family helps participate in all of these steps, like the cacao seeds in the chocolate bars.

“ Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark”
— Jay Danzie