Returning to My Blog Part 1

Hi, Villakuyaya fans and friends.  I haven’t written an official blog post since 2016, and since then across many chocolate shows around the world, many new friendships, new chocolatier’s, new customers and people who have tried my chocolate whether they loved it or not, so much has changed in my life along this path, that I wanted to share and update my followers.

Personally, just a few months back I married my husband in a ceremony in upstate New York near Woodbury Commons.  At 42 I am now a wife for the first time and am very happy.

In addition, a little before I turn 43 I should be giving birth to my first child, a son.  Something I have dreamed of my whole life and is so close to becoming a reality lord willing.

In terms of chocolate, we are still a young, growing small business, fighting to compete in a tough, competitive field with edgy new companies, and amazing chocolate popping up almost every week.  There are so many amazing new products, new chocolatiers, new bars and great chocolate in the industry at this time, it is hard to obtain and hold your customer's attention and loyalty, as at any time they might taste the new next greatest bar, inclusion or idea.   

With that being said, I appreciate all of my loyal customers, friends and Villakuyaya Organic Dark Chocolate lovers.  It’s a passion project for me to produce these bars in Ecuador and bring my bars to you around the world.  From selecting the finest Arriba Nacional cocoa beans, through the various steps of production, across the packaging, logistics and finding a way to interact with customer’s on different levels, it is an honor to try to bring my bars to your coffee tables, or maybe on your couch binge-watching your favorite TV shows, or paired with a glass of wine to make the evening restful and relaxing, or in whatever way you get to enjoy my chocolate.  

Northwest Festival, Seattle

Northwest Festival, Seattle

I’ll have some more posts coming soon, as I rededicate myself to digital interactions with loyal friends and customers, but also hopefully some new people who have grown to love or try my chocolate, and want to know what is going on in the chocolate world, or my little part of it.

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone is well and enjoying some chocolate.