The passion for creating has always been the engine for many of my entrepreneurial projects. With that impetus, Tania Molina, an architect by profession and businesswoman, decided to mold and bring to life the sweetest idea and relate it with their spiritual practice, and thusly I created Villakuyaya Organic Dark Chocolate.


Our Mission

Villakuyaya bars are produced under quality standards from the harvest of the best cacao beans "Cacao Fino de Aroma," in Ecuador.


The project started in 2014 with a strategic plan, personal fortitude, an innovative spirit and fresh ideas that were polished step by step to achieve a product with many attributes that create a high added value.

Villakuyaya is based on environmental and sustainability principles to ensure that our pods benefit with the sustainable development of cacao farms in Esmeraldas Ecuador and the preservation of Cacao Arriba Nacional, one of our national treasures.

We work with small farmers in Esmeraldas, from the north pacific coast of Ecuador.  This land gives us the most floral and fruity cacao beans of the zone.  This permits Villakuyaya to play with this natural flavor, and the exotic inclusions that we choose for processing dark chocolate bars help make us unique.  This not only guards the environment, but helps us to create a healthy food.  That is why we tried to certify the effort of all the people whom work to obtain this quality product.